Hello, and thanks for visiting my page.

It is based around my passion for photography and I will share images of what I have been working on. Hopefully, you will like what I do and spread the word to others that might be interested.

I may as well start with the good news that not only do I have this page to keep you informed, but can also confirm that I have been accepted for an exhibition at Southend Forum from Wednesday 1st June to Tuesday 28th June – The Forum Southend

This, my 2nd exhibition, will be a solo event, and so I am particularly excited to show it. The fact that the photographer, scenes captured and gallery they will be shown at are all from the same place is something that I hope stirs interest from the people of Southend and beyond.

All images for the upcoming exhibition have been captured after dark on slide film and all are urban landscapes. It is a subject I have found fascinating and it has certainly grown me as a photographer. It has sometimes cost me some sleep with the hours I have been shooting at (my wife is very understanding)

More on the concept and lots of other stuff in due course.


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