Lightbox Slides 35mm and 6×9


Welcome to Slightly Technical Corner. Here are some freshly developed night time images I shot in London and some in Southend on colour transparency film. These are the HUGE images my 6×9 camera produces and here they are on my Lightbox. For comparison look at the black and white negs I took. The black and white shots are actually of a seemingly dazed and groggy mouse I found in my garden on my 35mm camera. That light coloured dot. Thats the mouse. The 35mm negs are about 6 times smaller than the 6×9. I love using both these cameras equally though.

The nightshift continues for me. Freezing forever in time the otherwise transient nature of our existence. Night to day to night to day…….

If you enjoy looking at my images and you havent already done so, follow me on Instagram for daily image uploads. These Lightbox shots are soon to feature once Ive scanned them.







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