Hadleigh Castle Beercan Pinhole Camera


These are 89 day exposures taken at Hadleigh Castle. The 1st one is a bit ‘abstract’ as the can was lopsided when I collected it today. The 2nd one is better and the 2 shapes on the hill are the 2 main ruins at the Castle (built in the 14th century). No chemicals required to develop. The scene is naturally ‘etched’ via the pinhole. Ive left one of them up so it will be a 6 month exposure and thus display the full extremes of sun travel trajectory documented on the paper from the Winter to Summer Solstices (or should be Solsti? Getting a bit Partridge now. Lexus / Lexi) .

The 2 images shown here are Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox (roughly). Ive done a few of these, it costs next to nothing and I love the unpredictability of it. You have to be prepared for freeing them months later only to find an unusable blob of soggy photographic paper where the elements got a bit too extreme but Im getting more of a knack of how to make them more robust now.



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