Working from home with a Pentax 6×7

1457864750993I wanted to test myself today so, having done a bit of housework (yeah boring I know but Ive found, alas, it doesnt do itself), I sat down and thought about what I could do to add a bit of creativity to my day. I am on call with my day job so cant really go out on this fine early Spring afternoon.

I decided to photograph the detail of my house. What is it about where I live that makes it what it is. My take on it is, capturing the true essence of your house, and its the more mundane aspects that make it ‘Home Sweet Home’. The cat. The old chair with the scratch that cant be hid. The-bare-lightbulb-that-Ive-been-meaning-to-get-a-shade-for-but-realised- its-not-that-important-and-if-it-is-the-wife-can-get-one-she-knows-about-these-things-better-than-me type stuff.

So I just shot a roll of Fuji 160S and will at some point post a blog covering the Essence of My Home.

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