The Car Lot, Southend-on-Sea

Daytime-15 (Copy)

Ive been scanning negatives almost all flipping day! Nearly done. I had a bit of a backlog.No, I do enjoy it really. Its the anticipation with film, that you are never quite sure what you got til later.

One of the shoots included was of a classic car lot in Southend-on-Sea. Its near where I live and I asked the guy that runs it if I could have a wander round with my camera one morning, which he was fine with.

I love classic cars, and have owned a few in the past. One day I would love to get one again….

I will update you with more of the shots taken in due course but this image of the forecourt grabbed me first so in it goes for you to check out too. I particularly like the shadows on this one. Theyre everywhere, and all different shapes and angles. Maybe you will see something else. I need to find more old car lots…

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