untitled-1 (Copy)

Im going back to Dungeness in a few weeks. This one makes an attempt at capturing its mood. Very little was done to this image after I scanned it. I think I might’ve upped the contrast, that was about it. The rustic, weathered martian grass is subtle in hue and not as off the wall as this film can make foliage, but it works here in my opinion. The wind was blowing like crazy as usual on the Kent coast when I took this and it was getting late. I think that might come across in the shot with the depth of the shadows. I like the way the grass follows the ruined shed in its bias to the right. The tyre in the foreground is slowly, very slowly burying itself over years and years of the elements. Its quite a melancholy scene, more so on reflection than at the time I took the shot. I think I might print it to see if it comes alive even more in the flesh as it were.

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