This is what happens to invisible light when you shoot it with (the sadly now discontinued) Kodak HIE 35mm film. It records light beyond our visible spectrum and, when filtered correctly over the lens, produces this effect which I absolutely love.Read More →

This was taken at about midnight one Sunday evening recently. It was very quiet and cold on the seafront, and I liked the way the almost exotic trees belied this.Read More →

Hello, and thanks for visiting my page. It is based around my passion for photography and I will share images of what I have been working on. Hopefully, you will like what I do and spread the word to others that might be interested. I may as well start with the good news that not only do I have this page to keep you informed, but can also confirm that I have been accepted for an exhibition at Southend Forum from Wednesday 1st June to Tuesday 28th June – The Forum Southend This, my 2nd exhibition, will be a solo event, and so I am particularlyRead More →