Im going back to Dungeness in a few weeks. This one makes an attempt at capturing its mood. Very little was done to this image after I scanned it. I think I might’ve upped the contrast, that was about it. The rustic, weathered martian grass is subtle in hue and not as off the wall as this film can make foliage, but it works here in my opinion. The wind was blowing like crazy as usual on the Kent coast when I took this and it was getting late. I think that might come across in the shot with the depth of the shadows. IRead More →

These are 89 day exposures taken at Hadleigh Castle. The 1st one is a bit ‘abstract’ as the can was lopsided when I collected it today. The 2nd one is better and the 2 shapes on the hill are the 2 main ruins at the Castle (built in the 14th century). No chemicals required to develop. The scene is naturally ‘etched’ via the pinhole. Ive left one of them up so it will be a 6 month exposure and thus display the full extremes of sun travel trajectory documented on the paper from the Winter to Summer Solstices (or should be Solsti? Getting a bitRead More →

This is very similar to a Black and White shot in the Gallery section of my website under ‘Infrared’. That one was taken with Rollei IR 400. The above shot was taken within minutes of that but handheld on slide film, Velvia 50, a beautiful film which is so good that a friend told me some early digital cameras had a ‘Velvia’ setting on the shooting mode to try and resemble it. The shot kind of speaks for itself really, the boat having such character in it. That slide film really eats the blueness of the sky up in a satisfying way I think.Read More →

This was taken in Hockley Woods on one of those days where the sky is totally featureless. Nothing but blanket grey, yet no rain. I think I had to use a tripod because it was so dark and I was shooting 50 speed film which is really slow but the upside is almost no grain. That may not come across on this thumbnail but its quite a printable shot I think. I was taken in by the mirroring of the trees in the water and how dark it was added to the ambiance. Camera was a 1966 Nikon F which I sold a short whileRead More →

In preparation for the exhibition, its time to print. Matt style is the winner. Definitely.      Read More →

I wanted to test myself today so, having done a bit of housework (yeah boring I know but Ive found, alas, it doesnt do itself), I sat down and thought about what I could do to add a bit of creativity to my day. I am on call with my day job so cant really go out on this fine early Spring afternoon. I decided to photograph the detail of my house. What is it about where I live that makes it what it is. My take on it is, capturing the true essence of your house, and its the more mundane aspects that makeRead More →

…and heres the same principle as the previous image but in colour. This one was taken in the Highlands of Scotland using hand rolled Aerochrome which I bought from Film Photography Project on the east coast of the USA. Ive got one roll left and finished the 2nd last one today as a matter of fact.  Read More →