Some of you may remember I happened upon an old Mercedes Mobile Studio van and took some shots. Well the guy that owned it was such a nice chap he asked if I would like to jump in and do some interior shots as well. I only took one inside the thing as, like a ‘silly boy lemon’ as my old man used to say, I had one shot left of Ektar and no further rolls in my bag (serves me right for avoiding digital, bloody hipster). I had to make the shot count, and I think I did. I grabbed my stuff and left,Read More →

Actually Im on TV this Friday night. Its David Hasselhoffs show Hoff the Record, now in its 2nd series. Also starring Sarah Hadland from Miranda ‘and other stuff’, this episode also includes me as the Wedding Photographer! Y’all need to at least set your sky boxes for this one, if not watch it when it first screens at 10pm Friday May 27th on DAVE. I will post some photos I took on set later. Dont miss it! More →

Ive been scanning negatives almost all flipping day! Nearly done. I had a bit of a backlog.No, I do enjoy it really. Its the anticipation with film, that you are never quite sure what you got til later. One of the shoots included was of a classic car lot in Southend-on-Sea. Its near where I live and I asked the guy that runs it if I could have a wander round with my camera one morning, which he was fine with. I love classic cars, and have owned a few in the past. One day I would love to get one again…. I will updateRead More →

Heres the Focus Theatre, Southend. I took this just before it got torn down. I dont have the amazing lens anymore, but one day hope to get one again. ┬áIve been busy preparing for the exhibition, out shooting an accompanying video and, of course, shooting more rolls. More on these elements to follow…Read More →

How to win at best vehicles in your street: A) Park a VW Camper in your drive B) Put a 1990 Chevy Caprice next to the CamperRead More →

More action from a 13th century building (and a 4.5 billion year old sky)Read More →

This van is something I have photographed since. The owner was fine with me traipsing round his field! Its not something you see every day. A late 60s / early 70s Mercedes Mobile Music Studio. So to make it a bit more unique I gave it the Mars effect and shot it in colour infrared with an orange filter so it wasnt too extreme. Works pretty well. Look forward to processing the other roll, which I will show you in time.Read More →