I got asked to feature in the very cool This Isnt Happiness. Its another feature of my ongoing Night project. Here is the link: http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/155445354109/darkness-on-the-edge-of-town-danny-rowtonRead More →

Hi The good people of Featureshoot are doing a takeover of my photography RIGHT NOW on Instagram. Theyre a pretty big deal with about 7 gazillion followers so head to the gram and search Featureshoot here: https://www.instagram.com/featureshoot/?hl=en  Read More →

Hi Welcome to Slightly Technical Corner. Here are some freshly developed night time images I shot in London and some in Southend on colour transparency film. These are the HUGE images my 6×9 camera produces and here they are on my Lightbox. For comparison look at the black and white negs I took. The black and white shots are actually of a seemingly dazed and groggy mouse I found in my garden on my 35mm camera. That light coloured dot. Thats the mouse. The 35mm negs are about 6 times smaller than the 6×9. I love using both these cameras equally though. The nightshift continuesRead More →

I am pleased to confirm I am taking part in the Rochford Art Trail 2016. Its the 8th Rochford Art Trail and apparently the biggest one so far with art of all kinds showing for free all across the town. The event runs from Monday 12th to Saturday 24th September. My photography will be featured upstairs at the Grey Goose. Their address is 7-9 East Street Rochford SS4 1DB, so you could grab a drink while you look. Another artist will be showing his work downstairs too, but mine is upstairs so please come along. A selection of my work will be for sale (very reasonablyRead More →